Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Through open submission of lens-based images, text, articles, essays, news etc. the works presented in PHREAD 1 are personal records on the subject of photography by emerging artists and writers.

As a print based Photographers Journal its name links the practice of PHotography and the READing of photographs. It is also a play on the word freed as it utilises new technologies that allow artists to self publish and print on demand.

As a platform for sharing, collaboration and exchange PHREAD photographers’ journal aims to bring together and showcase the output of photographers, lens based artists and writers working creatively with contemporary notions of what photographic practice is and how it communicates to a wider world both in practice and in theory.

Available as print on demand, containing 150 colour pages with a softbound cover, Issue 1 features work by contributors:


To submit photography related portfolios

1. Portfolio 8-14 jpegs (72 dpi: max 600 px in height) from one complete body of work.
2. The name of the project/portfolio.
3. Include an Artist Statement of 100 – 250 words describing the project or portfolio.
4. Tell us about yourself in a 50 – 150 word Artists Biography.

To submit Photography related written work

1. Please title and send written pieces such as essays, stories, comments, articles, etc.
2. Tell us about yourself in a 50 – 150 word Artist Biography



Saturday, 26 July 2008